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"You're Just 
ONE Doctor Away..."

From Humble Beginnings...
to Industry Revolution!

Over 17 years ago...
Melford & Concetta Bibens opened Power Image, their Fitness Center and Day Spa in New York...

This started a journey that lead them to help hundreds (and then thousands) of health and medical professionals serve their patients with natural alternatives to prescription and OTC drugs.

That humble beginning lead them to not only reach Blue Diamond in their company... but also help others rank advance faster and easier than they'd ever experienced before.


Serving those who MOST need your product...
not pestering your friends, family and social media connections to buy your stuff whether they need it or not.

THAT was the birth of B2B Network Marketing, our industry revolutionizing training system and community you'll receive free if you qualify to join our team!
"We Rise By Lifting Others..."
- Concetta Bibens - 

The "4 Chapters" To...
 YOUR Network Marketing Success...

Chapter 1: The "Warm Market" Problem
"Go make a list of 100 people you know and ask every one of them to buy your products!" was the advice we (and most likely you) got from your upline when you enrolled in your company. 

Our first and most obvious question: 
"What if they don't want or need our product?" 

Their 'answer':
"Ask them anyway... the only way to grow a network marketing business is from selling to your warm audience!"

We looked at each other and said "Ah, so THAT is why network marketing has a 95% failure rate...
the 'warm market' model doesn't work long-term for 95% of the people who try it!"

And THAT is when the epiphany hit us!

Why not SERVE those who want and need our product MOST... not sell to the people who are buying out of guilt! (Keep reading below)
Chapter 2: The Epiphany
So... who needs your product most?
  • People suffering from an ailment your product can help,
  • Health professionals with a built-in client/patient base that NEED a non-pharmaceutical way to feel better,
  • Transitioning professionals with a passion to help others and a burning desire to control their financial destiny... and NOT go back to the office!
By serving ONLY those who want and need our products (we started with Chiropractors and natural medicine doctors) we were able to hit 6-figures in our business in less than 7 months... but then we hit the ROADBLOCK: Lack of duplication!

Yes, we were growing like crazy, but our team couldn't duplicate our success because we were "reinventing the wheel" for each and every prospect. Our lack of a duplicatable system for enrolling health businesses forced us to stop our growth in order to serve all of our new team members.

We knew without a system in place for BOTH of these ...we'd be stuck beneath the "lack of duplication" glass ceiling! 

We ALL Need:
1) Our team to grow
2) Our health professionals to be able to best serve their patients/clients

"What Do Our Team Members Have To Say?"

Chapter 3: The Solution
After knocking on hundreds of doors and adding thousands of health professionals to our team... we put all of our knowledge into a course that teaches you the exact daily steps to become a professional network marketer by ACTING like a professional!

That was when the 'magic' happened!

We discovered that the teams using our system were so well prepared and confident that they went from having zero warm market (and zero growth) to being able to speak like a pharmaceutical rep!

Now ANYONE empowered with the right tools, science and scripting could not only get past the "gatekeeper", but could have them RECOMMENDING that the owner meet with them... which increased their closing ratio exponentially!

Chapter 4: The $$$ Duplication Model
And THAT was the birth of B2B Network Marketing $$$ Duplication Model, and our mission to:
  • Cut rep attrition: No one quits a business that is GROWING!
  • Protection: You'll have complete comfort and confidence knowing that every post you make is both compliant AND driving sales!
  • Every rank has specific challenges: You'll be empowered with specific training tailored to YOUR rank and unique challenges!
The "1-to-many" model ensures that your team AND your new health professionals have a steady income and endless flood of 'perfect clients/patients' ASKING for a solution!

And to bring EVEN MORE success to your team, we'll even teach your health and medical professionals our trademark "Doctor of Duplication" model that gets ALL of your new enrollments to sign up their peers!

Now you have an ARMY of team mates ready, willing AND ABLE to hit the highest rank in the company... without getting "uninvited" to Thanksgiving because your family and friends are sick of your pitchfest!

"Don't Just Take Our Word For It..."

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